The "Lorna Doones" Scene from REPO MAN

KEVIN: Hi, I'm Kevin. Vacuum, sir?

FRANK: Have you any machines?

KEVIN: What kind of machines?

FRANK: Machines. With food in them.

KEVIN: You don't want to eat from a machine. Go across the street. Del Taco. They got great enchiritos.

FRANK: But I DO wat to eat from a machine. Vended food contains all the nutrients necessary for survival. Tastes damn good too, by golly!"

KEVIN: Hmmm.

FRANK: An plus, on any given evening the machine which last night gave me Cheetohs might instead dispense Doritos, Oreos, YoHos, Tostidos, or Lorna Doones. You see?

KEVIN: Lorna Dones? I love Lorna Doones. All we got left is Ding Dongs.

FRANK: The randomness of it all is quite apalling. It is, in fact, too random to be random.

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