Cartoon Town memories and their satanic ramifications

--Compiled by Zonny

The drawings BJ would do started out with a viewer's initials. It was amazing what this man could do with two minutes and a marker. BJ's rap as he sketched was annoying, but more messianic rather than satanic. If your initials were chosen, they mailed you the picture. No pentagrams here.

Dirty idolized Godzilla and crooned her praises to Australia's national anthem: "Waltzing Godzilla, waltzing Godzilla, you are a monster from under the sea . . . " This send-up and others like it on Cartoon Town inspired an impressionable Chicago youth to reject his father's polka roots and further the genre spawned by Bill Jackson. Yes, you know him today as Weird Al Yankovic. Evil incarnate. He even transmogrified one of the puppet's names.

Like any good Chicago-based program the show got political. Dirty Dragon ran for office. And we all know where politicians end up in the hereafter and why. Dirty was definitely a Machine candidate, skirting the issues and threatening the opposition. There was the campaign song : "... elect D. Dragon for President, fee-fie-foe-fum. He'll look the enemy in the eye, and bowl him over with one big "FIE" . . .

Back in the 60's and 70's it was funny to be drunk. You had your Foster Brooks, your Dean Martin, and your Blob. "Feel like a millionaire, feel like a millionaire!" The work of the Dark Prince? Perhaps. Check it out - everyone you know who watched Cartoon Town regularly abused alcohol in adulthood.

Weird loved a snack called Chocolate Muzzies. We got the recipe and forced our mom to make it. It involved chocolate and chow mein noodles. If there is any evidence of Lucifer's hand at WFLD-TV, this is it, my friend.

There was a life-sized version of Dirty Dragon that did appearances at ice skating rinks around the Chicago area. He had a bad ride called the Dragon Wagon which was a hot rod with flames painted on the sides. They ended up giving this car away in a contest. Must have filled out 50 postcards. Kind of like gambling.

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